Top sales management software solutions

The sales management process is one of the essential parts of every company. Even on a basic level, for small local businesses, it’s often complex and decisive. For large corporations, especially in highly competitive markets, it’s the turning wheel for progress. However, the need to make the sales process more effective and manageable instigated the creation of all manners of sales management software solutions. Depending on the type, some of them provide all-around universal solutions. While others, more specific, focus on the set of particular tasks only. But, all of them, in the end, help sales teams maintain their efficiency. And, in comparison with other sectors, partial or complete independence.

Which sales management software solutions are top-rated at the moment?

Sales management software solutions may be in charge of numerous tasks. Everything from lead generation to email automation. But, they come in different shapes and sizes, and their role depends on it. On one side, you can find specialized tools like ConvertMore click-to-call software, which focuses mainly on helping businesses increasing leads conversion. On the other, there are robust and bulky CRM solutions, large corporations use for a myriad of tasks.

Since the connection between customer service and sales management intertwines in many aspects today, it can be hard to decide which solution is more appropriate than the other. To help you ease the choice, and manage your sales most successfully, here is the list of some of the most popular sales management software solutions:

  • HubSpot
  • SalesForce
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho CRM
  • Copper

#1: HubSpot

When you need a general and universally applicable solution suitable for different sectors, HubSpot CRM is among the top choices. This piece of software is great when you need to monitor all your sales pipelines. To be able to know how to increase conversion rate. This means you will have the access to vast reports of your sales overall productivity and activity. Everything on a visually clean dashboard. What makes it outstanding is the fact that it can be used by anyone on your team. Not only by management. Since everything is real-time, this is a powerful tool to organize your data, increase sales, and properly instruct your team.

Six visually clean dashboards with graphs on monitors.
One of the signs of potential quality is visually clean interfaces.

Some of the most notable features are:

  • Complete pipeline management, tracking, and scheduling capability
  • The free version can be easily integrated with Gmail
  • Provides you with valuable email templates
  • Prospect tracing options
  • Notifications when tracking your leads activity
  • Different ticketing solutions
  • Productivity tools
  • and many more

Pricing: It offers a set of free CRM tools. But, for sales management, you will need one of the three pricing plans that range from $45 to $1,200 per month.

#2: SalesForce

Businessman inspecting the forecasting reports on its tablet.
Many large companies and industries are using software to make sales forecasting.

The next sales management software is coming from the well-known SalesForce family. Their cloud CRM platform is another example of valuable software that can be used by both small and large businesses. In general, this universal system will be a valuable addition to the sales team but is also very helpful for other sectors within your company. With features like Contact management and different marketing tools, collaboration on your sales opportunities will be more efficient. Again, it provides insightful reports represented on a clear dashboard. On top of it, it has real-time tracking and features that can help you with sales forecasting. On the other side, when you need a solution to help you find the best method of communication with your prospects, both marketing and sales can benefit from the system.

Pricing: SalesForce Sales Cloud has several pricing plans and offers a free trial. First, there is the Essentials pack for about $25 per month. The last, it’s the Unlimited pack for $300 per month.

#3: Pipedrive

For a small to medium-size business, you won’t find more affordable sales management software than Pipedrive. Basically, this software solution’s most distinguishing feature is an AI-powered sales monitor. A quite powerful option to improve your sales performance through correcting the potential flaws. You can also use it to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization. In general, Pipedrive is a great option to get rid of repetitive tasks through automation. And, is a perfect option to collect, store, and catalog valuable data for future use. In addition, you can track calls, emails, contacts, and many more. And improve the overall communication between your teams. Also, it has a scheduler, an activity calendar, which allow you to better organize your meetings and other events.

Pricing: While it offers a free trial, fully-featured software can be used for as little as $12.50 per month. Up to a maximum of $99 for the Enterprise version.

#4: Zoho CRM

When you need sales management software everyone can use, Zoho CRM can be the right option. Primarily observed as the salesman’s tool, this genuine platform offers complete workflow conversion, automation, scheduling, and reporting. There are tools inside to help you with emails, different web forms, and all types of reports. So you can monitor and work on improving your teams’ performance from one dashboard only. Apart from sales management, Zoho CRM can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. When you want to improve your sales, everything in connection with it matters. So, you can make the maximum use of its builder, to plan, correct, integrate, and finally automate your sales process. Finally, it offers features to communicate with prospects in different manners, in real-time.

Pricing: Aside from the free trial offer, Zoho CRM plans can be purchased for merely €12 per month, for the Standard package. Or, if you want a fully-featured package, it will cost you not more than €52.

#5: Copper

An illustration of different tools, graphs, and calendars in one place.
Copper integrates a countless number of valuable tools under one solution.

Copper CRM is a different type of sales management software because it’s placing its focus on Google products. Because of its inclusive integration with Google Workspace, it’s not suitable just for about anyone. Of course, for salesmen, managers, customer supports and marketing specialists it makes sense. Considering that many combine various google products in their operations. It simply keeps them under one hub. But for those who are not so used to this environment, it can take a while to get used to. Nevertheless, the list of features it offers is quite impressive:

  • Complete workflow and tasks automation, and project management
  • Advanced customizability
  • Integrations outside of Google products
  • Vast legacy, activity, lead, and sales reporting and goal tracking
  • Real-time alerts for emails, reports, mobile apps, and multiple sales and nonsales pipelines
  • Contact enrichment, email sequences, bulk email, and templates
  • Calendar sync with meeting scheduler
  • and many more

Pricing: Also offers a free trial. Copper’s Basic package will cost you $25 per month. And the most expensive option is the Business plan for $119 per month.

Start exploring your sales management software options today

Whether or not your requirements come down to a sales-specific solution, all of these comprehensive CRM options are valuable. They can be a central place for anyone who is in charge of improving your sales. The most important function to help with tracking your sales pipeline is an essential part of sales management software solutions. But, many of them also extend their functionality into forecasting, planning, lead nurturing, and many more. All the valuable insight can be further used to treat your sales conversions more successfully.

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