Traits of quality sales representatives

Generating sales is a challenging task. To someone outside the field, it can seem simple – have a product and offer it to other people to buy. Especially nowadays when a lot of shopping and selling happens online. There are many true and tried methods that can help you convert visitors to leads on your website and increase your sales rates. This part is true: quality software and digital sales tactics will make you stand out from your competitors. However, the first statement can’t be further from the truth. Making a sale is not simply about offering a product to potential buyers. On the contrary, an expert sales rep will do it in a convincing and appealing way, adjusting their strategies along the way to ensure the deal. But what distinguishes the top salesmen from the average ones? Let’s have a closer look at the traits of quality sales representatives!

There’s a variety of sales styles

Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. Different sales reps will have different styles and yet produce excellent results and be on the top of their field. Here are a few approaches a salesperson can choose to use:

  • assertive – reps with this style are confident, goal-oriented, competitive, loud, and decisive
  • amiable – this is an opposite approach – these reps are kind, friendly, empathic, and good listeners
  • analytic – these sales reps approach the task in an impersonal, prepared, formal, and direct way
  • expressive – good storytellers often choose this approach; they’re creative, intuitive, persuasive, and outgoing.

While many reps prefer one approach over the others, the best ones usually combine different aspects of them all. What’s more, they’re able to choose the most effective one and switch between different styles as the situation at hand demands it. So what are the traits that enable them to do exactly that?

10 traits of quality sales representatives

#1: Knowledge about the product

a sales team discussing different sales approaches
Prepare well with your team – learn everything there is to learn about your products and audience

First things first, a good salesperson has to know the product they’re selling backward and forward. ConvertMore click to call software will work great on the website in combination with product details, but selling in person is quite different. You have to be well prepared to answer all the possible questions and anticipate the potential issues and insecurities the customer may have.

#2: Knowledge about the customers’ pain points

Also, not every product is going to appeal to every prospect. For that reason, a quality sales rep must find out about customers’ specific pain points. The more you know about what your prospect needs and desires the better you’ll be able to tailor your sales pitch. Additionally, depending on the situation, you’ll be able to switch to other products the prospect wants. Or, you may offer extra products and sell more if the customer shows interest.

#3: Knowing their audience’s values and attitudes is among the essential traits of quality sales representatives

One of the mantras in the sales world is: Know your audience. And this is true for a good reason. Segmenting your customers and knowing what drives them will help you establish a personal connection and appeal to their emotions.

#4: Willingness to advance in the field and curiosity to learn

sales representatives on a training session
Always be ready to learn and improve – that is one of the most important traits of quality sales representatives

Lifelong learning is the key to the sales rep’s success. There are always new ideas, strategies, and methods that can enhance one’s expertise. Additionally, studying your own work in order to find the areas that can be improved is also valuable. Apart from video tutorials and attending training tutorials, analyzing the examples of good practice of the experts in the field will also help you hone your skills.

#5: Confidence

Regardless of the approach you choose, it’s crucial to show confidence. Even if you don’t feel it, you need to convince the prospect that what you’re offering is valuable. Simply put, if you want to make the customer believe in the product, you need to believe in it yourself.

#6: Good listening skills

Nothing repels customers so much as someone who ignores their concerns and interests. An excellent sales rep needs to have excellent listening skills. Once you understand your customer and what they want and need, you can pitch your sale to address their pain points.

#7: Communicative and extroverted

On the website, lead engagement software enables you to peak customers’ curiosity and interest. You can engage them with exciting and appealing content, creative popups, or use color to your advantage. However, in person, you must engage your prospects in a different way. Being communicative and outgoing helps you connect with your customers and add a social and amiable component to the conversation.

#8: Goal-oriented approach and excellent organizational skills

Naturally, being confident and friendly won’t take you far if you don’t have a clear goal in mind. Top sellers plan and prepare in advance and then focus on their goals. Also, you need to determine the right approach and skills that will help you achieve the best results.

#9: Subtlety and persistence are important traits of quality sales representatives

a passionate sales rep pitching a product to a prospect
Enthusiasm is crucial for capturing a prospect’s attention and interest

These two traits can seem to be opposites. After all, how can you maintain subtlety while being persistent all the time? It’s a fine line to walk for sure. However, the best-sellers not only manage it but do it with skill. You don’t want your sales pitch to feel oppressive – hence the subtle approach is necessary. On the other hand, you shouldn’t give up after the initial refusal from the prospect. Instead, you need to keep your goal in mind and adjust your approach and strategies. Of course, remain polite and respectful at all times.

#10: Enthusiasm and passion

Last but not the least, one’s love and passion for what one do shines through. What’s more, it rubs off on others and inspires them to feel more passionate, too. An excellent salesman is enthusiastic about their work, products, and prospects alike. They always want to learn and improve and that keeps their motivation high.

Final thoughts

As you may see, being the best of the best in the sales world is more demanding than it appears at the first glance. A top salesman has a wide range of skills – communication, listening, and confidence are only a part of it. On top of that, you need to know your market inside out both in terms of what you’re selling and to whom. Luckily, most of these skills can be learned if you’re passionate and determined. So, check these traits of quality sales representatives and start practicing!

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