Using a callback widget in the age of remote work

Many businesses have switched from office to remote work in the last few years. This change has brought about many positive things. But at the same time, it has introduced owners and managers to a new set of challenges. One of them is monitoring the performance and the efficiency of employees working from home. When it comes to CX-based companies, they, in particular, have appeared to be struggling to retain the same level of customer satisfaction post-switch. Now, if you are worried about your business’s future, it’s time to relax, as there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we’ll explain how using a callback widget in the age of remote work can help you stay afloat, boost website sales, and bring your customer service to a level you never thought possible!

Callback widget explained

ConvertMore callback widget is a one-of-a-kind solution that can transform how you’ve been doing business. But, to paint a picture of why you need it, let’s first explain the notion behind such a tool. Callback widgets, in essence, are a convenient alternative to live chat and email for customers wanting to speak with a representative directly, yet those that aren’t willing to call themselves only to be left waiting in the queue. Embedded on a business’s website, they make it easy for visitors to reach out. Once they click on the widget, customers are prompted to leave their phone numbers. After that, a tool instantly calls the appropriate team member while simultaneously calling the customer.

Generally speaking, there are two ways in which visitors interact with a widget:

  • Directly — by clicking on the widget itself, as mentioned above
  • Indirectly — by spending some time on the website, after which a pop-up is automatically triggered by the tool

Callback widget in action

The widget’s work will depend on the company providing the software. However, the general principle is more or less the same. To help you better understand how to increase user engagement on website using this tool, we’ll break down the steps a customer goes through. From the moment they first encounter this widget to the end of the call.

  • The user is introduced to the callback function by clicking on a widget or through an automatic pop-up.
  • They decide to enter their phone number using the form provided.
  • The system places a call to the company. It first calls one number, and if no one picks up, the second, third, fourth, etc. until it establishes a connection. It simultaneously contacts the customer, making it seem like the company is making a call, not the tool.
  • The call is underway, and once finished, the result is a customer wowed by the efficiency, flexibility, and straightforwardness of the whole experience.

A callback widget is also an analytical tool that, like call tracking, provides access to granular statistics. With that in mind, you can use it to collect and make a database of visitors’ phone numbers. Ones that, for example, you can use later to schedule sales phone calls. After all, with them being familiar with your products/services, chances of them converting should be higher.

A person tracking analytics on a laptop.
Using a callback widget in the age of remote work comes with the added benefit of tracking analytics.

The benefits of using a callback widget in the age of remote work

Now that you understand the tool’s functionality, we must explain what a callback widget can bring to your business.

#1 Accessibility and ease of use

With a widget placed on every page of your website, you will be providing visitors a chance to quickly reach out without having to navigate through complex menus to find a number to call, an address to email, or a live chat option. All it will take for their question to be answered is a simple click and a couple of keyboard strokes. Furthermore, many people are anxious about making phone calls. By inputting their number and letting the software do the rest, visitors feel safer and more at ease, resulting in a contact that might not have happened without a callback widget.

#2 Flexibility

Contact centers have a schedule to adhere to. That means that unless customers are available to contact the representative there and then, their query won’t be solved that fast. Furthermore, if the lines are busy, they might be forced to wait for someone to pick up or call at a later date, one that doesn’t quite work in their favor. A significant advantage of a callback widget is that the visitor is the one that decides when they’ll be receiving a call. At a time that’s most convenient for them!

An angry customer yelling at a phone
Customers who get angry due to waiting to get ahold of someone will be no more thanks to the callback widget!

#3 Reduced wait times and abandonment rates

How many times have you phoned a company only to realize there’s a whole queue of people ahead of you? Have you been so frustrated by waiting that you have decided to end the call altogether? If so, you aren’t alone. This type of scenario is quite common. Thankfully, with a callback tool, waiting time is minimal. And with it, so are the chances of someone abandoning the call prematurely.

#4 Improved customer experience

The callback widget allows businesses to deliver first-rate customer service by addressing their concerns promptly. As mentioned, they offer a quick and painless way for visitors to get in touch with your team and obtain the support they need, whether they have a technical query or a question about a product/service. Yes, the answer to their problem may lie in the FAQs section. However, when they take advantage of the callback widget, the customer experience is further personalized. And it’s all thanks to the representative directly supporting them.

A satisfied woman speaking over a phone.
A callback widget provides customers with a personalized experience and, thus, improves their satisfaction.

As you can see, it makes sense to use a callback widget in the age of remote work, just as much as it makes sense to use it anytime. It’s an affordable solution that businesses can gain a lot from. It’s simple to set up yet even easier to use. And if you need help installing one yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us! ConvertMore, as a provider of a world-class callback widget, will happily answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process!


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