Ways how technology transformed sales

Technology has drastically impacted the way businesses operate – no matter their niche. It’s only natural that it would have the same effect on sales. In fact, the sales process we know today is so dependent on it that we simply cannot imagine going back to the old days when everything was happening offline. But just what are the ways how technology transformed sales? Stay tuned, as this article is about to cover the major ones.

The most significant ways how technology transformed sales

In order for businesses to thrive in today’s age, they must adapt to the market. And what better way to do so than to use technology to their advantage. With that said, let’s see just how new discoveries have impacted the sales process. In addition, they should help you learn how to increase sales on your website.

The ability to target the right prospects

Thanks to tools such as ConvertMore callback widget and similar, companies selling products/services are being able to target the right prospects and, thus, convert them into customers. Not each prospect is worth the effort. However, thanks to technology, knowing who might be willing to give your website and products or services a chance has never been easier!

Being able to connect with buyers

The Internet, in general, is an enormous resource, as far as finding, connecting, and interacting with buyers is concerned. Gone are the days of taking prospects to lunch! Now, the majority of connections are happening online, through social media, nonetheless. Social media makes it incredibly simple to get in touch with people, regardless of where they reside – buyers included.

The most experienced sellers are approaching sales like no others. In fact, they are focusing on building rapport with prospects before sales talk has even begun. By the time they have started talking about it, a quality relationship between the two parties has been established, the trust formed, and making a deal, then, becomes rather straightforward.

Having access to an abundance of information

Researching facts about a certain business or potential customers used to be a pain in the past. It used to take not hours, but days, to find relevant information before the Internet era. For instance, if salespeople and prospects wanted to know more about each other, they’d have to meet face-to-face to discuss the details of their potential cooperation, above all.

People doing the research.
One of the ways how technology transformed sales is that, nowadays, researching has been made easy thanks to the Internet.

Today, finding information is as easy as pressing ”search” in the browser. The details needed are oftentimes just a click, or a couple of those away. It’s fairly simple for potential customers to learn more about the products without ever meeting the seller in person. Furthermore, numbers show that a whooping 90% of prospects doing extensive research into a company or a product online end up making a purchase.

Researching goes both ways, as well. In order for the company to determine how to convert more customers, they need to, first, research their prospects. Prospect research through websites, social media, and so forth, allows salespeople to better qualify them and, therefore, realize whether they match their idea of a ”perfect customer”.

Selling on the go – no matter where you are

Since we are looking into ways how technology transformed sales, we cannot but mention mobile phones. In fact, reports suggest that as much as 80% of sales are finalized through these devices. Getting in touch with future customers through phones requires little effort, yet, might yield great results. Companies are no longer required to have their salespeople set up face-to-face meetings in accordance with the prospects’ availability. Instead, the possibility of discussing everything there is online has become a reality, and sending necessary material over email with the help of phones has proven a much better, and faster, alternative to handing over the material in person. The best thing yet: sellers can be thousands of miles away from the prospective buyers without losing the chance to close the deal promptly.

Not only do phones help increase sales, but they also allow sellers to stay productive while on the move. These devices have been perfected to the very last detail, making them quite powerful. Storing a variety of information inside a cell is more than possible, and is actually, even recommended. Furthermore, phones allow for easier communication between the two parties and ensure you remain up-to-date with everything there is to know – thus helping you stay one step ahead of your competition!

Making use of CRM

A person tying on a laptop that shows ''CRM'' on the screen
CRM helps businesses retain customers, build quality relationships with them, and gain new ones.

There are a number of customer relationship management (CRM) tools out there that, if used correctly, can answer the question of how to increase user engagement on website. In general, they represent the integration of marketing, customers support, and sales. The whole purpose of CRM is to help companies optimize their relationship with customers.

Softwares utilizing CRM technology are capable of collecting data regarding the prospects’ purchasing habits. They are also capable of analyzing the said data in order to determine what it is that these individuals might be drawn to and therefore, most likely to buy. This information can, from there on out, help companies make informed decisions that should, ultimately, drive traffic to their websites and boost sales.

The verdict

One thing is for certain – the ways how technology transformed sales are many. In fact, the modern world, as a whole, is heavily impacted by it. And while we can only imagine what the future will bring, we are fairly confident that the sale process will keep on being technology-oriented for years to come. However, as advances are made on a daily basis, what works today might soon prove to be absolutely useless. That’s why it’s incredibly important to keep track of the newest technological advances. At least those that are influencing the sales. By staying in the loop, you can rest assured your business will remain relevant no matter the changes!

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