Ways in which call back buttons impact lead generation

If you want to improve your lead generation strategy, you need to know that there’s no magic bullet. There isn’t one single thing you can do that will turn your table around. But this is something that most people are well aware of. Luckily, there is a combination of things can do just that. On top of that, some things will do more for your website than others. And callback software is one of those. As a matter of fact, call back buttons impact lead generation big time. And that’s what we’ll talk about today.

But before we dive into the specific ways of how this happens, we want to give you some context. If you’re new to the game, this article’s first section will help you a lot. So, if you’re a B2B marketer, a salesperson, or you only want to learn more about feeding the lead machine, feel free to dive in.

What is lead generation?

No matter what your business is all about, it needs sales-qualified leads. These are the lifeblood of pretty much any successful company. Hence, you can’t do without them. But before we start explaining to you how you can boost web lead conversions with widgets, let’s see what lead generation is.

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The more qualified leads you can get, the more sales you’ll make.

And to pre precise, it’s a marketing activity of getting information relevant and useful for building a list of potential clients. In today’s world, we can divide the key channels for it into two. And these are:

  • Online
  • Offline

When it comes to online, it’s clear that we’re talking about your website, blog, ads, and SEO. And this is the more powerful side of it right now. But, there’s also offline. And here, we’re talking about things like direct mail, trade shows, and cold calling. Although they’re not as present as they were in the past, these can still give you some results.

And that’s all fine, you might think. But why is lead generation so important in this day and age? That’s what we’ll answer next.

Lead generation is vital for the success of any business

It’s true. And this isn’t just us talking. Recently, there was a study in which some of the most successful B2B sales and marketing leaders were asked about what they think is the key metric for business success. What do you think they said? That’s right, lead generation.

However, there’s another problem that occurs here. And it’s that most of them don’t really know where their leads are coming from. Of course, we have the data to look at. And from it, we can see that email marketing and SEO lead the way. But these are responsible for half of all the leads. The other half comes from ”unknown” places.

So, if you don’t know where your leads are coming from, you have nothing to worry about. This is completely normal. But, we did research even more, and what we found out was quite interesting.

It seems that companies that use call-back software get about 18% more qualified leads than their competitors who don’t. That’s only a confirmation that callback buttons impact lead generation. And in a good way. So, these are a kind of conversion rate optimization software that will help your business, for sure. You’ll get more leads, and thanks to that, you’ll get more sales.

Now, let’s take a look at how exactly this happens.

It makes it easy for your customers

A man showing thumb up.
Your potential customers want to feel needed, so they’ll want you to contact them.

It’s not a secret that people are risk-averse. They want to avoid any risk they can. And because of that, even calling someone on the phone is something they’d rather skip. It’s a challenge they don’t want to deal with. But, if it subtracts from your leads, that’s a problem.

And adding a callback button to your site is an easy way to overcome this hurdle. It allows them to choose that you call them instead. This is something they’d much rather opt for as they’ll feel like they’re taking less risk. It makes them more comfortable, and that is a good thing for you. You’ll be able to close the deal much more easily, and that will lead to higher revenue.

You’ll improve the customer experience

With a good callback widget, you’ll improve your customer’s experience with your website. According to Google themselves, more than 60% of the users think these are extremely important in the purchase phase of decision making.

You see, if they can ask more questions directly, they’ll get more information about the product or service they’re considering. This leaves less room for making mistakes, and that’s what’s appealing to them.

With a tool like the ConvertMore widget, you’re enabling them to easily reach out. They’ll get their questions answered, and you’ll make a connection. Even if they don’t buy immediately, you’ve got yourself a sales-qualified lead to work with. And that’s exactly what your business needs.

It prevents potential clients from leaving your site

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Call back buttons impact lead generation in many ways, and one of them is preventing them from leaving your site.

All the chances are that more than 90% of your website visitors leave your site without buying or providing you with any contact details. This isn’t a good thing. However, call-back software can help you to turn this around.

It can detect their intent to quit the page and pop out a window with a special offer. Here, you can offer them anything you like. It can be additional help, a bonus, or even a discount. In our experience, this is something that will make them a lot more prone to contact you.

If they’re interested in what you’ve got, they’ll give you their phone number. That means that you have another qualified lead. And from there on, you know what to do.

A call-back widget can help you specialize your marketing

You can use call-back software to check which of your ads is performing the best. Put different ads on different pages, and see which of them works the best by the number of calls you receive. You can even connect the widget with Google Analytics and get even more data from it.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which call back buttons impact lead generation. And if you’re not afraid to experiment, the sky is the limit. Using them in the ways we talked about will give you results for sure. But if you have your own idea of making it work, be sure to try it. Sometimes, to get extraordinary results, you need to do extraordinary things. And that’s the beauty of marketing itself. It lets you do whatever you feel would work.

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