Effective ways to generate outbound leads

Digital marketing wouldn’t be what it is today without inbound and outbound strategies. Both play a vital role in increasing traffic and help boost web lead conversions. Today, businesses seem to lean toward inbound marketing more than they do toward their outbound counterpart. Is it because the first is better than the second? Definitely not. There’s no right or wrong approach. Furthermore, each business is different and what might work for them might not work for others. Nevertheless, considering the fact that inbound marketing outshines outbound, at least at the moment, it is our idea to show you that it can be just as effective when it comes to generating leads. In this article, we offer proven ways to generate outbound leads.

What constitutes outbound lead generation?

The term “outbound lead generation” is used to describe advertising your company in less personal settings, such as on television, billboards, and through notorious cold calling. Instead of luring potential customers to your site through organic search results, this strategy actively seeks them out and “pushes” your product or service in their direction. A successful outbound lead generation campaign will pique the attention of your target audience and move them toward becoming paying customers.

Strategies that are guaranteed to help generate outbound leads

There are numerous tactics that you can use to your advantage when it comes to generating outbound leads. However, the ones that we’ve prepared below have proven to be particularly effective.

#1 Cold calling

A woman wearing headphones is on a call with someone.
Among the most effective ways to generate leads is ”dreadful” cold calling.

Some believe that cold calling has long lost its appeal in the digital marketing world. They consider it practically dead, but that’s actually far from true. In fact, it’s as alive as ever and quite powerful, if we might say. After all, what better way is there to get to know your prospects than by directly speaking to them? By conducting cold calls, you get to exert information from potential clients and learn what it is that they like or have problems with. After hearing them out, it’s possible to incorporate the given data into a personalized sales pitch. A sales pitch that has as a goal to highlight the specific pain points that your product/service solves.

This is where ConvertMore lead calling software might come in handy. It connects you with your site visitors and makes it look as if you were calling them to begin with, thus allowing you to focus on nothing but the conversation and the pitch.

If unsure of your ”cold calling” skills, here are a few tips that can help you be the master of these calls:

  • Research the prospect beforehand. Thoroughly.
  • Get ready for the call by practicing in advance.
  • Prepare a script.
  • Be polite and smile while talking. Yes, despite them not being able to see you, prospects can ”hear” you smile.
  • Present your ideas without being overly pushy.
  • Thank the person for listening to you, and don’t forget to thank them for their time.
  • Pick up books on cold calling or listen to podcasts created by experts in the industry.

#2 Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo, representing one of the ways to generate leads.
LinkedIn has a variety of automation tools that can help you connect with prospects.

Being the largest business-oriented social network, LinkedIn is naturally one of the best places to find and connect with potential customers. And to make matters even better, LinkedIn boasts of automation tools that make connecting with prospects rather simple. By utilizing these tools, you can:

  • Filter your search by various criteria, including the area of expertise, job position, experience, education, location, etc.
  • View selected profiles and send connection requests automatically.
  • Send messages (both introductory messages and follow-ups).
  • Extract relevant data from profiles.

#3 Personalizing your approach

Personalization helps foster a deeper connection between businesses and potential customers. As no prospect is the same, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the extracted data in a way that allows you to come up with unique marketing communication. One that’s specifically tailored for that particular prospect or a group or similar ones.

Marketing specialists swear by personalization because it allows for deeper, more meaningful interactions, which in turn helps businesses generate outbound leads, but also improves customer experience and satisfaction. So, think about this the next time you serve your prospects with a generic cold email or read them one of your cold call scripts word for word.

#4 Syndicating content

The term “content syndication” is used to describe the practice of distributing content with the goal of attracting a broader audience. The goal of spreading quality content is to raise brand awareness within the target audience. Content syndication uses both inbound (content) and outbound (promotion) marketing strategies to increase website traffic. Having said that, rather than just publishing your material and hoping that interested parties will stumble upon it, you are encouraged to broadcast it via email and social media.

#5 Taking advantage of multiple channels

A folder opened on a phone that shows social networks.
Social media is a great place to connect with potential customers, among others.

And that brings us to our final point: marketing across multiple channels. Reaching out to potential customers through a variety of ways gives you a chance to increase sales, spread the word about your business, and provide them with a seamless experience. All at once. The sky is your limit as to which ”channels” to use. It’s entirely up to you to take your pick. However, we recommend using a mix of social media, cold calling, messaging apps, and paid advertising.

It’s your time to generate outbound leads

We hope that now that you are aware of certain fail-proof marketing tactics, you’ll be able to generate outbound leads with no problems whatsoever. Put these to the test and we guarantee you that no longer will you be asking yourself and others how to reduce bounce rate, increase traffic, convert leads, and more. In the end, both your website and your business will thank you for it!

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