Ways to improve your lead nurturing campaign

It would be too much to hope that your inbound lead will make an immediate purchase. It might all look sweet and sound in theory, but in reality, more than 90% of leads require additional effort to convert. This is why lead nurturing is one of the fundamental parts of your marketing strategy. In essence, it’s about building relationships through a personalized approach to motivate leads to move one step further. Fortunately, even if your strategy is struggling, there is always more room to improve your lead nurturing campaign and affect the decision-making process.

How to improve your lead nurturing campaign

Flexibility is one of the attributes every lead nurturing campaign needs to possess. Updating information in time and quickly adapting to changes is necessary to overcome the occurring delays. For example, you can engage site visitors with a contact form but that can cost you time and you might miss out on some of the leads. Or you can turn to innovative solutions such as the ConvertMore callback widget and ensure that site visitors are able to instantly contact you over the phone. It’s adaptable, practical, user-friendly, and provides instant results.

In case you are launching a new product or service, you have to be ready for a variety of potential issues that may occur while, at the same time, observing what your competitors are doing. For a successful marketing campaign, constant work, improvement, and innovation, connected to your lead nurturing efforts, become a priority.

To have a more successful lead nurturing campaign than your competitors, here are seven ways to help you improve it:

  • Carefully plan your lead nurturing campaign
  • Diferentiate and personalize
  • Leverage the authority
  • Use multiple channels to improve your lead nurturing campaign
  • Use a clear call-to-action
  • Allow on-site interaction
  • Automate your campaign

Carefully plan your lead nurturing campaign

Like many things in business and marketing, lead nurturing requires plenty of time. The more strategically you want to predict the results, the more details you have to take into consideration. So, to avoid lead nurturing mistakes, make sure to do your research and plan ahead. The first step of your plans is to identify, segment, and work on your targeted audience. To make the process more effective, it’s necessary to define your buyer persona.

Woman planning a long-term business strategy.
Lead nurturing requires a strategic approach and a detailed plan.

You should be aware here, however, that the interests of your leads are not the same at each stage of the sales funnels. In general, it will require a variety of tactics, that will vary from stage to stage. If you are focusing on the content, for example, one type of content will be more appropriate for attraction. While, on the other side, the same type will not do much good for prospects already attracted to your offer. The closer the candidates are to the purchasing decision, the chances are, more convincing will be required. They have to see the real benefit of your services or products. From examples to case studies, more or less, anything that will encourage them to finalize the deals.

Diferentiate and personalize

Just like we have a variety of interests in different groups, we also have varieties within the same groups. Even the same group members may indicate different behavior depending on other external factors. A good example is to compare email with call outreach. Some may consider emails a more convenient way of communication, while others will see it as annoying, obsolete, or nonefficient. For a successful lead nurturing campaign, you will need to test several approaches for all the group segments. Along with the personalization of communication, this is the only way to convert more customers into regular users. By testing how they interact and react to your content, you will know exactly what to personalize to get better results. And, provide the right content even if their behavior changes in the middle of the sales process.

Leverage your authority

A man holding a lecture.
People naturally listen to and follow authoritative representatives.

No matter if you are selling a product or offering information, people are always looking for credibility. They want to be sure the information is relevant and if it will suit their needs. This is much easier to accomplish if you are the authority in the field. Once you become one through better brand image, ranking, and popularity it’s time to leverage it. When you understand the specific needs, interests, and preferences of your potential and existing customers, you can further target them with specific content. All in the effort to further boost your lead nurturing campaign and convince them to make the choice.

Use multiple channels to improve your lead nurturing campaign

To improve your lead nurturing campaign you should not focus only on one channel of communication. The best results will be accomplished with a multi-channel approach. Some of the most common channels in use are:

  • phone calls
  • emails
  • social media networks
  • paid ads
  • personalized website communication
  • localized contact display
  • direct sales outreach
  • automation

Of course, it’s necessary to first research what are the favorite channels your targeted groups are using. But, once you know them it will be easier to establish several touchpoints that will work together on improving the chance for conversion. However, to successfully utilize most of them, your marketing and sales teams need to align their goals and cooperate.

Use a clear call-to-action

Whether you are sending emails or creating pages for your website, they should both include one clear CTA. For emails, it will prevent confusion about how to proceed. For pages, it will make them more engaging by giving the pointers to specific actions. As a result, the newfound interactivity and engagement will lower website bounce rates. At the same time, you have the ability to modify CTA, depending on which stage of the buyer’s journey your leads are.

Allow on-site interaction

Calling icon on smart phone.
Ensure the possibility for communication anytime, anywhere.

Allowing your visitors to communicate with you directly from a website is an important part of the lead nurturing process. Conversation in person has always been observed as a more personal and effective way of communication. However, physical presence is not always possible nor necessary, especially not today when the majority of communication is conducted online.

This should not be discouraging because small solutions like chatboxes and click-to-call software options can still provide quality on-site, one-on-one communication. The most important feature here is the ability to schedule the calls if representatives are not immediately available. And, these software solutions will gather the valuable info that will help you with analytics.

Automate your campaign

It’s possible to automate your lead nurturing campaign by using marketing automation software. This is done so you can take specific action depending on the behavior of your leads. For example, when someone scrolls down on a particular page, it will trigger a specific tailored offer to pop up. Tho it requires vast research, monitoring, and setting, automation can considerably improve your lead nurturing campaign by helping you prepare for a variety of behaviors.

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