7 ways to make your content more engaging

Content is the lifeblood of modern marketing; however, it’s not enough to have content on your website. You must also engage, inform and entertain users with your content. Unfortunately, that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. To help you generate interest for your website and brand, we will discuss the top seven ways to make your content more engaging.

#1: Know what your audience is interested in

Many marketers can easily get caught up in the constant rat race of content creation. Sadly, that approach can cause you to churn out content no one is interested in. Instead of making content for the sake of having something to publish on your website, you should conduct market research. Take a look at who your target demographic is and what users are interested in. Create content that specifically appeals to their interests.

Woman reading engaging content.
Write content your users are interested in reading.

On the other hand, if your content is all about self-promotion, you will probably struggle to find an interested audience. To make your content more engaging, it should be entertaining and informative. Additionally, we suggest that you always follow the 80-20 rule. This rule states that no more than 20% of your posts and articles should be promotional. If you write an engaging article, you can tie it back to one of your products and include a link. However, the content itself should have value for the user.

#2: Engage users in conversation

The modern mantra on most social networks has become ”like, share, comment, and subscribe.” Unfortunately, that isn’t much of an incentive for users to interact with your brand. If you want to make your content more engaging, it should be an immediate conversation starter. Instead of asking users what they think at the end of an article or video – try a different approach. Create informative yet, open-ended content that, by its nature, invites discussion. Of course, this can be an excellent opportunity to insert a callback widget for WordPress. You should always give users a way to contact you directly; a website widget can do the trick.

#3: Invite users to participate in content creation

Men looking at smartphone together.
Users are more likely to share content they found engaging.

One of the more popular marketing trends has recently been user-created content (UCC). For this strategy to work, you will first need an active community of users on your website. Therefore, it’s imperative to learn how to increase user engagement on website. You can create polls and ask users questions or get their feedback through comments and reviews. The insight you have gained from your site visitors can inspire future content you create. However, it would be best if you didn’t neglect to create content that features social proof since that is proven to increase user engagement.

Another way to get help from your users is to host contests or directly ask for user-created content. It can be something simple, such as a photo with your products or a social media mention with your hashtag. You can later feature the best submissions and show your audience that you care about their input.

#4: Make sure your content is appropriate

Chances are that not all of your content is intended for posting on just your website. Most businesses that wish to have a strong online presence will maintain profiles on several platforms and social networks. Ideally, the content you publish on those platforms should adhere to guidelines and content policy outlines. Otherwise, your content will probably receive a warning, or you may also face account suspension. For this reason, you must ensure that your marketing and creative writing staff don’t resort to inappropriate themes or humor.

#5: Ask for a subscription

Employees developing publishing schedule to make engaging content.
Have a publishing schedule for your content.

You can use your content to ask users to subscribe to your mailing list. However, you first need to offer some free content on your website. The free articles will give users a taste of what they will receive if they subscribe. Remember that the articles and other content you offer need to be high quality to inspire users to subscribe. It would help if you also let users know that the future content they will receive from you will be informative and engaging.

Subscriptions represent one of the best ways to convert visitors to leads. For this strategy to succeed, your freely available content must be exemplary. Then you will be able to create a clear value proposition for your users. You must use a strong CTA to achieve the best results and emphasize the benefits users will receive from your newsletter.

#6: Constantly publish content

Nothing is worse than stumbling on to an interesting article, only to discover that the website stopped updating its blog months ago. Give users a reason to visit your website by regularly publishing new content. Additionally, Google will also realize that you are regularly outputting valuable content and will then promote your website. In return, you will receive a boost in your organic traffic. It pays off to nurture your website blog and frequently post updates and new content. You can notify users of new posts by linking the articles to your social media profiles. Additionally, it would help if you had a posting schedule so visitors can know when you are releasing new content.

#7: Use visual storytelling

Another obvious way to make your content more engaging is to use images and videos. Include images in all of your articles to make them stand out and be more visually appealing. Always have alt-tags and accurate descriptions on your media files to improve your SEO. You can often condense information-heavy articles into an infographic, which is more likely to be shared across social media. Speaking of social networks, most of them are turning to vertical video as the primary form of user engagement. Start creating short-form videos if you want your content to be promoted by social media algorithms. This strategy will drive audience engagement and earn you a large following.

In conclusion

Content marketing is by no means a new trend. However, to make your campaign effective, your content needs to resonate with your audience. We’ve given you tips on 7 ways to make your content more engaging. You can use the advice outlined in this article to gain more site visitors, which you can convert to customers.

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