What are the benefits of conversational AI?

AI technologies are already an essential part of our everyday lives. We use them without even thinking about it. From Google or Apple assistant, and driving aids to social media, apps, and online banking, AI is everywhere around us. Of course, there are different types and different ways to use them. The main goal of AI is to simplify tasks, help in various situations, and increase people’s satisfaction. For all these reasons, adding AI features can help you improve your business. What’s best, most AI technologies are simple to install and use. For example, you maybe already use online add-ons such as a callback widget for WordPress. Why not add a chatbot to the mix? These simple tools will increase traffic on your website and boost customer experience and engagement. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of conversational AI and show you how it can improve your business.

What is conversational AI?

While AI technologies are present in our daily lives, not each of them is conversational AI. So, what is it? Conversational AI is a technology that allows machines to have human-like conversations (or conversational experiences) with humans. In other words, it enables an intelligent conversation between people and machines. Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? However, it’s far from that.

It’s a type of technology that recognizes and understands voice and text messages. What’s more, it also understands intent and sentiment, which allows it to provide an adequate response. Of course, for conversational AI to do so, it relies on other technologies such as:

  • natural language processing and understanding
  • speech recognition
  • machine learning
  • dialogue management, etc.

Chatbots – one of the first conversational AIs

a little robot representing a chatbot
Chatbots are one of the most commonly used conversational AI

Yes, the traditional and commonly used chatbots were invented far back in 1966. Of course, they’ve changed and evolved over the years. However, they showed how useful this type of AI can be for business. If you want to convert visitors to leads, you need to engage them and encourage them to stay on your website. A simple chatbot can answer their questions, help them go in the right direction, and provide the support they need.

Of course, technology keeps developing and advancing. As a result, there are more versatile tools you can use to improve your business. Therefore, there are more benefits of conversational AI than you expect!

The benefits of conversational AI

We’ve already hinted at some of the advantages conversational AIs provide. Customer support, customer experience, and satisfaction are crucial for every business. However, it can benefit your business in many other ways, too.

Lower customer service costs

Quality customer service is vital but it doesn’t make a profit. Of course, it prevents your business from losing customers and revenue and increases customer satisfaction. But, it also costs you money. You need trained agents and a lot of them.

Conversational AI can help you to lower these costs. It enables you to automate some of the repetitive tasks, such as asking for order status or password reset. That way you need fewer agents communicating directly with the customers. Instead, they can focus on nurturing leads or closing deals.

Increased accuracy and efficiency

a human and robot hand reaching for one another
One of the benefits of conversational AI is that it enables you to reach out to your customers quickly

Your agents will be more efficient if they don’t have to deal with an endless stream of mundane tasks every day. AI will take this responsibility and free your agents to focus on more relevant tasks. That way you can improve your KPI metrics such as reducing queues and boosting response times.

Plus, conversational AI is continuously getting better at providing accurate responses. By judging the tone of voice and the emotional state of the customer, AI can successfully take over the tasks such as taking an order or providing relevant information to the customer. It’s simple for customers to use and reduces the chances of human error.

Contactless customer service experience

More and more customers prefer contactless communication with businesses. That means they don’t want to talk with agents or other employees. Conversational AI provides exactly that. If you implement it in the right way it will boost both your customers’ and employees’ happiness and satisfaction. And it will keep your business running smoothly and more efficiently, too.

Customer support consistency

If there are too many customer support calls or messages, your agents will have difficulty catching up with the demand. Not only will your employees be overwhelmed and stressed but your customers will also suffer. They’ll wait longer to solve their issues or get the info they need. As a result, they’ll feel neglected, frustrated, or even angry. Instead of waiting, they might turn to your competitors and hurt your reputation with negative reviews or posts.

AI provides consistent quality support by dealing with repetitive tasks and doing so quickly. That way your agents can focus only on the most important or complex calls. You’ll prevent your employees’ burnout and ensure your customers are happy at the same time.

Conversational AI boosts your upsell and cross-sell opportunities

One of the benefits of conversational AI is that it can directly boost your revenue. How? By giving an offer your customers can’t refuse. Using customers’ history, preferences, and other data such as weather or location, AI is able to choose the most convincing offer that will capture that customer’s attention. And unlike its human counterpart, it will never miss the opportunity to do so.

Easy scalability is one of the benefits of conversational AI

a woman on her laptop interacting with customer service through conversational AI
AI will help your increase customer satisfaction and boost user experience

In addition, scaling your business up is much simpler when you use AI. A growing business may take you by surprise and you’ll need additional resources that you don’t have. AI can help you streamline your business, answer the extra demand, and reduce the pressure at this vital part of your progress.

Increase UX and satisfaction

If you’re wondering how to increase user engagement on website, conversational AI provides an answer. It helps customers to serve themselves and reduces wait times. Plus, it automatically takes into account all the data about your customer and offers them what they want the most. All of these things combined help you boost UX (customer experience) and build strong, lasting relationships.

The bottom line

So, are you surprised to hear about all the benefits of conversational AI? Well, don’t be – as you may see, there are many ways in which AI tools can help your business transform and grow. Plus, both your agents and customers will be happier and more willing to be a part of your brand. Don’t hesitate to add these valuable tools to your business and make it more efficient and modern.

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