How to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization, also known as CRO, is a way to turn website traffic into sales. The process of converting visitors into returning customers is not an easy one. However, everything is doable if you know the right approach. With the ConvertMore click-to-call software,  understands how the ability to talk to an actual person instantly can turn the tides in the favor of both the leads and the business that wants to convert them into customers. Let’s see how to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization!

Understanding conversion rate optimization

When a person visits your website, you can look at that as going out on a first date. They know nothing about you or your business, or they probably got a recommendation from a friend. So, they give you the benefit of a doubt. You need to leave a strong first impression. That’s the only way to make them come back again.

Once you figure out how to attract visitor attention, you are increasing your website traffic. However, to go from a visitor to a returning customer, you need more than just good content. That’s why you need conversion rate optimization. This strategy is that one extra step that will help you to boost the user engagement on your website and help them make a decision to commit to a purchase.

The best way to do it is to:

  • do extensive customer research;
  • improve website performance;
  • work on the e-commerce section;

By completing these 3 steps, you will boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization.

Why is customer research important?

Let’s say 50 people visit your website every day. Those 50 visitors are different. They have different needs and requirements. However, you cannot have 50 different approaches to get everyone’s attention. Instead, you should define your targeted audience, and build your content to focus on them.

Person looking at conversion rate charts.
Customer research will help you to increase the conversion rate and boost sales.

That’s where customer research kicks in. By doing polls, surveys, and getting customer feedback, you will be able to understand who are the people visiting your website. Furthermore, you will know what they think about it. If it’s good, find out what are its best features. Work on them to make them even better. If it’s bad, find out why. If something needs to be removed, do it. Optimize your website so it only has essential elements.

Website performance is crucial

When we talk about website performance, that can mean a couple of different things.

First, the loading speed of the pages. The average speed at which a page should load is between 1 and 3 seconds. Anything longer than that, and the visitor might decide to close the tab and go somewhere else. Have in mind that people have high expectations. With so many websites online, there is no more tolerance for errors like slow loading speed. If someone wants to browse your website and they need to wait every time they click on a link, they will be frustrated. Furthermore, it will tell them you did not optimize your website in a good way.

Second, the website navigation needs to be clear and simple. Make it easy for visitors to get to the important parts, do not create a complex website structure that will make them feel like running through a labyrinth, searching for an exit.

Next, ask yourself is every element on your pages doing its purpose? For example, a CTA button needs to be clearly visible. If you have a bunch of colors and other visual elements, you are actually distracting the visitors. A CTA button needs to be obvious as a white neon sign in the dark.

The e-commerce form

The entire idea of conversion is to sell a product or a service to the customer. The sale can be done in multiple ways. A client can go directly to the store, call by phone and order the product, or they can purchase it online. Having an e-commerce form for online sales is one of the most efficient ways to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization. It offers the chance to shop from home, at that moment.

People working on how to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization
The e-commerce form needs to support all the essential features of online purchases.

You need to realize that a client who wants to purchase a product usually goes through a couple of phases before they commit to it. The more time they have to think, the greater chances are they might change their mind and don’t do anything. It is important to understand that you should not pressure customers to buy anything, it needs to be their own decision. However, you need to do everything you can to simplify the process. Simply speaking, a man who needs to get up, go outside, and probably ride a bus to come to your store might decide he is too lazy to do something like that. But, if all it takes to make a purchase from his home is just a few clicks and a couple of seconds, the chances drastically go up.

To better optimize your e-commerce form, you need to:

  • add a simple and easy-to-use shopping cart;
  • photos, descriptions, and prices of the products need to be clearly visible and concise;
  • support currency converter and shipping information;
  • you need the reviews section. The best way to engage and retain existing customers is to show that their opinion matters;
  • make sure that the security system for credit card purchases is of the best quality;
  • allow purchases via Payoneer, PayPal, and other similar platforms;
  • you need a good algorithm to show similar products;
  • filter section needs to be rich with options, allow your clients to sort and filter their interests in great details;

Customer support is a huge plus

Customer care agent on the job.
Customer support will help in getting customer feedback.

One of the reasons why people decide not to make a purchase at a specific website is because they cannot contact anyone in case something goes wrong. With that in mind, you either need to add a ticket system for customer support, a phone line, or a live chat. The third option is the most efficient because people can type freely.

If you have any complaints, deal with them as soon as possible. This is the best way to show people you care about what they think.

Boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization by following this guide

As you can see, to boost website sales fast with conversion rate optimization, you just need time and dedication. You need to push forward and build a customer path that will be intriguing enough to entice the visitors, but also safe to help them decide to convert. For more information on the subject, feel free to contact ConvertMore and consult with our team!

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