Vital tips for creating engaging CTAs

Every sales pitch needs that final touch to get the customer from consideration to making the decision. So, while having quality content and visually enticing marketing campaigns is a must in the digital world, one cannot neglect that simple notion of inviting someone to take action. Whether the action in question is to buy, subscribe, get a quote, add to cart, check out, call, etc. is a differential. But having that element is a necessity. With a good phrase in the right place, you can lure in the right audience at the right time and see a notable increase in revenue. However, creating engaging CTAs is easier said than done. With this in mind, ConvertMore offers the following guidelines on how to take the best approach in this task.

What is a CTA?

  • A Call to Action (CTA) is a step that you take in order to invite your audience to take an action. It is a clickable option that you offer to customers to engage with them. This action could be anything. From purchasing something on your website, to sharing, subscribing on leaving info.

As you might have guessed, there is no clear-cut way to create CTAs. They mostly rely on who your target audiences are and how you want them to engage with your business. When done properly, they can go a long way in monetizing your online presence. But, when done poorly, they can easily drive your audience away. So, it is definitely worthwhile to do what you are doing now (researching how to create good CTAs).

A girl looking at a laptop while drinking from a mug.
By creating engaging CTAs you will naturally build a professional relationship with your readers.

What to keep in mind when creating engaging CTAs

To create engaging CTAs there are two things that you need to keep in mind:

  • First, you need to have a firm understanding of your online presence and your brand. All of your CTAs need to be in line with your brand so that they have a natural connection with your marketing efforts. That way, your CTA won’t feel forced and your audience will feel welcomed to engage.
  • Second, you need to understand your customer base. Not all CTA suit all audiences. Some prefer a more straightforward tone, while others prefer to be gently persuaded. Ideally, this tone will be in line with your brand, to keep the natural connection. Keep these two things in mind, if you wish to create CTAs that people will adhere to.

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at some useful tips.

Use buttons

To some, this tip may seem redundant. But, if there is anything that our online experience has taught us, it’s that a surprising number of people fail to use buttons for CTAs. While you can simply put a hyperlink as a CTA, this is not something that you usually go for. A button stands out, is easily noticeable, and has a clear message. Hyperlinks, on the other hand, can be harder to notice and certainly don’t have the same appeal. So, if you can, use buttons as much as possible. Leave hyperlinks for when they really fit the structure of the post.

Create a feeling of urgency

A person looking at a watch worryingly while working on a computer.
Urgency is a great motivator to take action.

One of the more basic marketing strategies is to create a feeling of urgency. If your reader doesn’t feel any pressure to engage your website, there is a good chance that they will postpone doing so. Even if they are interested, they will say “Meh… Let’s see if there is a better offer.” To help combat people leaving your website, you need to create a sense of urgency. With CTAs, this comes through lines like “Limited offer”, or “Offer last until the end of the week”. These lines give a clear incentive to engage right off the bat, and not spend much time analyzing. It would be ideal if you could use the text before the CTA to help with the urgency. But, again, you want to avoid being pushy.

Repeat before calling to action

A neat tip to use for an engaging CTA is to carefully construct the previous post behind it. For instance, say that you want to use a CTA “Order now and save money”. What you need to do is to write a post about the importance of saving money and how doing so is always a good idea. The more you can put your reader’s mind towards the necessity of saving, the more likely they are to follow the CTA. Repeat the notation in order to emphasize it. Keep in mind though that being too obvious can feel pushy. The more you can make your CTA seem like an offhand suggestion, the better.

Outline a clear benefit

Besides urgency, your readers need to have an incentive to engage with you. If there is nothing to gain from adhering to your CTA, why shouldn’t they simply head on to a different website? This is precisely what you need to keep in mind when writing the text that leads to the CTA. Instead of pushing your reader to your CTA, you need to help them understand the benefit of doing so. Ideally, you will elaborate on a problem that your reader is experiencing, and explain how it can be solved through your CTA.

A girl feeling worried while reading something on a laptop, showing what creating engaging CTAs can result in.
A good CTA solves a problem that the readers didn’t even know they had.

A good writer knows why the readers are reading a specific post, and what they wish to get out of it. Therefore, they are able to use that knowledge to elaborate on a likely problem and provide a CTA solution.

Using the right design

The last tip we have for you is to pay close attention to the CTA design. While there are limitless combinations of colors, fonts, and shapes that you can use for your buttons, usually only a couple are suitable for your website. For creating engaging CTAs you need to find the thin line between being in accordance with the rest of the website while standing out. This is one of the many reasons why hiring a professional web designer is a good idea. A designer who understands your audience will help you design a button that feels emphasized, and yet doesn’t feel out of place.

Improve your engagement today

With our widget, ConvertMore is offering you the chance to not only make your CTA engaging but constantly present. Site visitors will be able to see a way to reach out to your company at all times while on your website. So, when it comes to creating engaging CTAs, you can find a great example of it right here with us. Contact us today for more information and a demo.

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